Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Key

The Key
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At some past point in my life I realized that the keys on your keychain are a symbol of your current situation and responsibilities in life. Do you have keys to your home? Is it a house or an apartment, and do you own it? Are there car keys? Perhaps even keys to a boat - did you remember to take it out of the water in time this fall? Office keys? Are they for your business or do you have a boss? Keys to a girl/boyfriends place perhaps?

Well, as you can see here, this is my key. When I left Brooklyn I took off the 7 keys to my studio - that's 2 elevator keys, a front door, mailbox, hall door and 2 deadbolts on my door, and was surprised to see that there was only one left. The remaining key is to a small fireproof safe that guards my passports, my birth certificate and other important documents. an 8x10x5 box contains my responsibilities. Talk about freedom!

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  1. I like this. :) I have lots more keys than I ever had, but they don't feel like a burden in the way that keys can be. They're home, and since that's happy for me now they are good things. I think it's funny that I used to lose my keys a lot, and since I moved here I've never lost them. No keys yet for work or school, unless you count a library access card :)

    Congrats on lightening the load. I hope it leads to happy places.

    I like thinking about the days without keys though. We never locked the house, did we? Can't imagine that now.