Friday, January 23, 2009

On top of the world

It was nearly dusk in the valley as we checked our harnesses. Everything secure, I jumped and grabbed hold of the bottom rung of the metal ladder and slowly pulled myself up until I could get my feet on it.

Click... Click... I latched two carabiners is far above my head as the ropes would reach. The other ends were attached - hopefully securely - to my harness. Up the ladder until the carabiners were by my feet. One off and attached above me, then the other. Click... Click... It was slow going but as I was going up 150 feet it was one of those better safe than sorry situations. When I got about 40 feet up I looked down and saw Jimmie jump up and start the climb - much faster than I was going. No wonder he waited a while. It was also around there that I reached the treeline and the valley opened up around me. That was nothing like from the top. When we got to the top of the water tower, with no rails, in the middle of the Artibonite valley it was absolutely breathtaking. And just in time for the sunset.

We sat up there, on top of the world talking and watching the tiny people coming and going until it was completely dark and the stars had come out. I went up two more times - in the middle of the day with Mareile and before sunrise with my dad.

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